Web Development

Getting your own website isn't that difficult these days, since there are plenty of website templates available on the market that you can grab to easily compose a modern looking website - basically without any coding skills. But things get a little more complicated when code changes are required. For instance, when you wish to add a third party component to your website like an online appointment planning application, or if you want to embed something like Structured Data that makes it easier for search engines to understand the content of your website.

 Development Services

Whether you wish to apply modifications to your existing website or are in need of developing an entire new website from scratch - we help you out to provide you with proper code that works on both web and mobile, being highly adaptable to code changes in the website's lifetime.

 Tailored webforms

Having a properly programmed, tailor made webform for catching user input might make a difference for your website visitors. We build webforms that have an elastic structure wherein field value dependencies can be applied. To illustrate: if value A has been selected in selection field SF1, then input field IF-A should pop up. But if value B has been selected in selection field SF1, then input field IF-B should pop up, etc.

Our webform structure contains dynamically addable data input objects. For example: your webform might have a data input object called Address Details. But what if your website visitor wants to add multiple addresses? In that case, the Add Address button will provide an extra fields set for each additional address that is subject to form input. Whether your website visitor wants to submit one address, or two, or twenty - our webform structure is capable of doing that without holdbacks. And so it goes for any kind of data input object you wish to apply in your webform.

This structure results in a much more professional, enjoyable and logically streamlined user experience, resulting in tailored, razor sharp data input.

Web Hosting

Your website is in good hands when hosted well. We take care of your website hosting resting on a rock solid, fast Linux-webserver platform; proven technology already serving millions of websites worldwide.

In addition, we provide email hosting as well, accessible via webmail and synced based on IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) between your local e-mail client(s) and the remote mailserver.


We care about security, and we feel every website should have an encrypted, secure connection by default. And that is exactly what we offer; at no additional cost we encrypt the connection to your website (including your subdomains) via TLS (Transport Layer Security). Particularly when using webforms for customer interaction containing private, privacy sensitive data, this is a vital security layer that protects the data transport between browser and webserver from snooping eyes.

Internet Domain Registration

Whether it is for private or business purposes: probably one of the first things you will think about when launching the idea to publish any kind of information on the internet, is a suitable internet domain name. We register your internet domain name for you, and we make sure that you - whether you are a business entity or a private person - are registered as the formal owner of your internet domain. And in addition we take care of all administrative and technical issues (like managing your subdomains, DNS-records, etc.).

Internet Domain Registration


Lemon3W is a LemonBase B.V.-service, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We serve small companies with their software needs in general, and their internet needs in particular. We embrace the Open source software movement and encourage the use of open source software to people and companies.

And by saying that, we sincerely appreciate and thank all these enthousiastic programmers out there, writing millions and millions of lines of code that we all use on a daily basis. Of course, the market provides excellent commercially fuelled software as well. No doubt about it. But for us, we regard the open source software community as the movement making the real difference in our digital world. Making software for the sake of high quality software, rather than the sake of shareholders.


We find privacy - in its broadest sense - a key aspect of life that should be respected wherever possible. Obviously this is not always the case in the real world. Whether it concerns your operating system that might gather data about the use of your computer, whether it concerns internet/cloud providers snooping on your data, or whether it concerns government bodies collecting data about people's actions: privacy is at stake and obviously very difficult to protect in the digital world.

But still, at least let's try to respect each other's privacy. Your data - and data about you - is valuable. Literally and figuratively. Something that should be protected with care and shouldn't be messed with.


When talking about privacy in the digital world, then the use of encryption comes into play. And although things are improving, in the broad sence there is still a way to go in applying internet technologies effectively in our day-to-day digital life. Because encryption is not an easy topic to embed in your daily digital process flow. So we have a challenge ahead of us in making the encryption technologies more accessible/easier to implement, and less of a topic for the professional insiders.

To illustrate: a common request that comes accross now and then is the one to send an email with a copy of an identity document (like a passport) attached to it. However, organisations - even the big ones - are still rarely equipped with public encryption keys to be used for encrypting your outbound email containing the requested document. Consequently, up until today, unencrypted emails still fly around the internet with documents containing highly privacy-sensitive information. Not a good thing.

We encourage the use of encryption technologies in all aspects of the digital world. Start encrypting your emails. Use a VPN wherever possible. And if you store your data in the cloud: use cloud services that store their customer's data with the strongest available encryption technologies and methods.


In case you want to get in touch with us about requests, inquiries, tips or ideas: please use the webform below or send us an email to the address info@lemon3w.biz. For sending us an encrypted email you can use the Public PGP key that belongs to this email address.